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A leader in providing meaningful, low-barrier settlement support to refugees navigating new lives in Canada.

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Empowering Through Education

Your contribution can provide a laptop for newcomer refugees, or those facing financial hardship. Help us bridge the digital divide and empower these resilient members of our community.

our impact

Since August 2021, Canadian Connections members have:

  • Secured $295,000 through grants, private contributions, and in-kind donations.
  • Assisted 500+ families (over 3000 individuals) with clothing, medical aid, government services, and local system navigation.
  • Supported refugees through our Move Program, utilizing financial donations for essential household items, moving expenses, and storage for donated goods.
  • Supplied over 150 laptops, gift cards worth $45,000+ for groceries and essentials, and donated sewing machines and clothing.
  • Employed 3 Afghan female refugees to contribute to our mission.
  • Championed the dignified and respectful treatment of the most vulnerable.


We are proud to share the positive impact we’ve made since 2021. Our services have reached a wide range of individuals and families, providing essential support and resources. Here’s a snapshot of our achievements.

Funds Raised
$ 1
Refugees Supported
1 +
Families on Waiting List
1 +


We are presently engaged in a fundraising initiative aimed at assisting families in their transition to new homes.

100 Women Who Care, East Toronto’ is an assembly of women committed to aiding local charities, convening on a quarterly basis. During these meetings, members present the charities they are affiliated with, followed by a voting process. The charity selected through this democratic process receives a tax-deductible donation of $100 from each attendee.

We, at Canadian Connections, were honored to be the chosen charity at the meeting held on December 1, 2023. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to Mary Beth Denomy for her faith in our cause.

We would like to thank Alivio Downsizing for their ongoing support to sourcing and donating high quality furniture for newcomers.

Alivio Downsizing specializes in aiding seniors and their families through the challenges of downsizing and estate clearing with a focus on care and expertise.

As part of their dedication to the community, Alivio Downsizing strives to prevent their clients’ items from ending up in landfills. Instead, they have established a partnership with Canadian Connections, ensuring that furniture and household items find their way directly to those in need. This commitment reflects Alivio Downsizing’s belief in contributing to a more sustainable and supportive community.


Canadian Connections expresses our profound gratitude for the generous contributions from the following esteemed organizations and supporters.