About US

Canadian Connections is unique.

With a history deeply embedded in grassroots activism, and powered by an extraordinary team of volunteers and staff with lived refugee experience, it is well-positioned to offer settlement services unlike any other organization.

We believe that early intervention is the cornerstone of success. We aim to provide essential goods and services quickly, often within the first few weeks of arrival to Canada. This ‘soft landing’ gives newcomers breathing room to look at their options, to explore the education and employment resources we share with them vs being forced to take whatever they can to provide for their families, limiting potential and locking them into a cycle of poverty.

Rapid organizational growth for growth’s sake is not an objective. Categorizing and fitting people into neat boxes is not how we approach our programming and is not a definitive measure of our success.

To fulfill our mission of providing meaningful, low-barrier settlement support to refugees, we choose to apply a set of Guiding Principles for newcomer intake, rather than a strict set of rules. It’s about dignity, comfort, and a sense of security.


To provide meaningful, low barrier settlement support
to refugees navigating new lives in Canada.


To be a leader in building a welcoming Canada, one that embraces refugees, values their contribution to the social and economic fabric of our country, and eases their integration so that they can be their true selves.


People come first: Everything we do starts out with an unshakable belief that people come first. People are listened to, respected for their opinions, and encouraged to contribute in the best way they can. We will only achieve our vision when we bring out the best in each other.

Trust is paramount: With trust, we foster safety, optimism and open communication. Trust builds respect and is the foundation upon which healthy communities thrive.

Resilience is our core strength: Long-term goals require patience, adaptability, and resilience. When things are difficult, we help each other to remain calm and positive, to devise timely solutions, and to keep working towards our vision.