Afghan refugees housed at quarantine hotels say they lack basics

Read The Toronto Star interview by Maan Alhmidi of The Canadian Press with one Afghan refugee reporting on conditions at quarantine hotels in Toronto. Canadian Connections steps in to help fill the gaps.

UPDATE FROM SARDAR (February 2022)

Canadian Connections helped us with proper clothes, suitcases, shoes and winter boots. They helped me in a very bad time, especially when my 18-days-old daughter was sick and we had no knowledge how to use the public health service and find a hospital.

It was Mona Elshayal, an honourable member of Canadian Connections, that took my wife and daughter to the hospital even though she was in her office doing her regular job from morning till evening. She took my daughter and wife to hospital with no excuse, but with happiness. Members of Canadian Connections taught us kindness, helping, sharing and passing it onto others. Nothing stopped the Canadian Connection team from helping newcomers.



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