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Hossai Qani

Data Manager

Hossai Qani is an Afghan newcomer to Canada who arrived in 2022. Her professional journey led her to leave her beloved country due to the Taliban takeover in August 2021, which posed a significant threat to her life. 

Hossai has worked with various national and international organizations, with her most recent role as Networking Officer at Afghan Women’s Network (AWN). She focused on women’s rights and advocated for women in need, addressing various aspects that could empower women and raise awareness of their rights. At AWN, Hossai served as the point person for all networking activities, including organizing press conferences and submitting petitions for women’s rights. 

Upon arriving in Canada, she encountered numerous challenges that deeply affected her emotionally and mentally. She was in desperate need of finding housing and securing jobs to rebuild her life. The primary obstacle for newcomers is finding employment, and Hossai Qani hopes that organizations like Canadian Connections will recognize her skills and qualifications without requiring Canadian experience, offering her opportunities to pursue a meaningful career.