Journey Map 2024-2026

We have exciting plans for the future. Read about them in our 3-year Strategic Plan.

We need Volunteers

Canadian Connections is 100% volunteer-run. To support our refugee families, however, requires both financial and in kind donations. As a member of our fundraising team, you’ll help:

  • Promote awareness of our mission and work.
  • Cultivate new fundraising and partnership opportunities.
  • Plan initiatives to help us meet financial goals.
  • Form strong relationships with donors.

Exercise your leadership skills by heading up any of our service groups, e.g. drive team, furniture team, hotel team, education team. 

  • Work with key volunteers to plan our services and their activities.
  • Work with volunteer coordinator to ensure program tasks are filled.
  • Schedule and organize team meetings, keep the troops motivated!
  • Stay ahead of the curve. Report problem areas to strengthen our programming.