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Marcella Tomas

Executive Director

Enterprising, committed to the causes she believes in, and a shameless idealist at heart, Marcella doesn’t like to set limits for herself or others. She thrives on encouraging everyone around her to achieve their best.

Her life has included more than a decade of international travel, living in Asia for much of that time, and a variety of non-profit and corporate sector experiences spanning 30+ years. In addition to being co-founder of Canadian Connections, Marcella has been an active volunteer supporting refugee settlement as a member of The Clothing Drive and Newcomer Kitchen. She has also helped privately sponsor several families to Canada.

Marcella is grateful for so many things, but above all, the opportunity to work towards building a welcoming Canada that does as much as it can to support refugees. Everyday she comes face-to-face with unparalleled courage, determination, and survival skills that leave her in awe.

If you don’t try, how do you know what you are capable of? This is the question that keeps Marcella going when things get tough.