Our services target refugees who have just arrived in Canada, sometimes within days, and are tailored to each family we support. We establish a relationship built on mutual trust and then determine urgent needs. We offer items not provided by government settlement agencies, and encourage self-sufficiency so that newcomers know where and how to find answers for themselves.

Upon Arrival

Many refugees have fled their homes leaving everything behind. Upon arrival, we work with families living in airport hotels to fill their most immediate and urgent needs. This could be anything from a pair of shoes and a winter coat, to assistance with a medical appointment.

Poor communication by government agencies, leads to confusion and added stress for newcomers not knowing next steps. We offer vital support and friendship. We explain the process and outline what to expect next.

2-3 Months Later

Government settlement agencies are tasked with completing documentation and applying for things such as Social Insurance Numbers, Canadian Child Benefits, Health Cards etc. This doesn’t always happen. They also don’t help find permanent housing.

We work with newcomers to ensure they have all required documentation and apply for benefits they are entitled to. We help source new and donated household items, and if necessary, rent moving trucks.


Canadian Connections is deeply grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the following community partners.


ABRAR: Trauma and Mental Health Services created Dil Ba Dil, a project to provide early intervention support for newly-arrived Afghan women, helping them to heal and thrive. Thank you Abrar Mechmechia.
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Canadian Connections provides settlement assistance for refugees indefinitely detained by the Australian government on Manus (Papua New Guinea) and Nauru, now calling Canada home. Thank you Laura Beth Bugg.
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Canadian Connections is the official settlement team for ACI. We exist because of the trust they placed in us to provide support that matters. Thank you Wendy Noury Long.
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Muslim Children’s Aid and Social Services

'Playing for Afghanistan', an initiative of the MCASS Scarborough Simba Youth Soccer Team, was our first outing together. Watch for more to come! Thank you, Karen Scott.
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Newcomer Kitchen

The ongoing success of Newcomer Kitchen has been a model for Canadian Connections. Thank you Cara Benjamin-Pace and Tamara Chaikin.
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VTN has been with Canadian Connections since Day 1, helping our volunteers provide settlement support to Afghan Canadian Interpreters. Thank you Corey Shelson.
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Craig Carter-Edwards has been working with Canadian Connections’ leadership team from the very beginning. His experience is invaluable.
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Canadian Connections supports SCF’s From Syria to Afghanistan Campaign. Thank you Marwa Khobieh and Bayan Khatib.
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Canadian Connections provides settlement assistance to displaced and persecuted people brought to Canada via the Northern Lights network. Thank you Stephen Watt.
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We're proud to work with TPS officers from 51 Division on Project Hope.
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Canadian Connections works closely with PMC settlement staff to provide access to community and government services, and to advocate for newcomers. Thank you Numan Tarin and May Tartoussy.
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The Neighbourhood Organization

Canadian Connections works closely with TNO settlement staff to provide access to community and government services, and to advocate for newcomers.
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