Our services target refugees who have just arrived in Canada, sometimes within days, and are tailored to each family we support. We establish a relationship built on mutual trust and then determine urgent needs. We offer items not provided by government settlement agencies, and encourage self-sufficiency so that newcomers know where and how to find answers for themselves.

Upon Arrival

Upon Arrival

Many refugees have fled their homes leaving everything behind. Upon arrival, we work with families living in airport hotels to fill their most immediate and urgent needs. This could be anything from a pair of shoes and a winter coat, to assistance with a medical appointment.

Poor communication by government agencies, leads to confusion and added stress for newcomers not knowing next steps. We offer vital support and friendship. We explain the process and outline what to expect next.

2-3 Months Later

2-3 Months Later

Government settlement agencies are tasked with completing documentation and applying for things such as Social Insurance Numbers, Canadian Child Benefits, Health Cards etc. This doesn’t always happen. They also don’t help find permanent housing.

We work with newcomers to ensure they have all required documentation and apply for benefits they are entitled to. We help source new and donated household items, and if necessary, rent moving trucks.

Your Gift, Their New Beginning

Our gift catalogue allows you to direct your donation towards specific initiatives that make a lasting difference for the people we serve and their communities. All our donations come from individuals who care, just like you, and are placed directly in the hands of those who need them most.

Simply add the gifts you would like to donate to your cart, then head to the checkout to finalize your donation. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


Grocery Gift Card

Your generous donation of $50 can provide a grocery gift card to a family in need, giving them the freedom to purchase the food items they require.


Home Starter Kit

With a donation of $100, you can provide a home starter kit to a family. It includes hygiene products, tooth brushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, etc.


Bedding Bundle

A donation of $250 can provide a comfortable sleep to someone in need. This includes a mattress, a soft sheet set, and a plush pillow.


Refurbished Laptop

With a $300 donation, you can help bridge the digital divide by providing a refurbished laptop to a student or job seeker, to help them succeed.