Sonia's Birthday Fundraiser

Thank you for checking out my Birthday Fundraiser. 

I am a proud volunteer member of the Board of Canadian Connections – a small non-profit organization with great volunteer power that has already helped hundreds of newcomer families and individuals, since its inception in 2021. 

Canadian Connections provides meaningful, low-barrier settlement support to refugees navigating new lives in Canada. We are a volunteer run organization. On the road to becoming a full Charitable status organization.

     My goal is to raise $1000 by my birthday, May 9.  


If you are able to help, please send etransfers to 

Please write “Sonia’s Birthday” in the notes section of your etransfer. 

We envision a Canada that genuinely embraces refugees, values their contribution to the social and economic fabric of our country, and eases their integration so that they feel supported to be who they want to be.

There are many services that Canadian Connections helps with.

The current focus is FOOD INSECURITY (providing food gift cards for newcomers),

The MOVE program – organizing and helping with moves to first apartments, including sourcing and delivering second-hand furniture donated from others who are moving, downsizing, or other. In March alone furnishings for 5 families were provided.

The WhatsApp Community Channel provides a quick and easy way to share free information on finding jobs, resources for social services, how to review a lease agreement, how to avoid scams, obtain Child Tax Benefits, how to fill in tax forms, etc.

There is also a sponsored program to donate laptops to newcomer families. An essential tool for ESL classes and any other online or in person classes being taken upon arrival.

Thank you so much!