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On behalf of our family members, thank you for your assistance and support. Of course, it's a difficult time for all of us. We left everything in our country and started a new life from zero in Canada. But we are glad that we have kind and great people like Fiona Harrower around us. She always cares so deeply for newcomers in need.
Since August 2021, she has been in voluntary in service of her Afghan brothers and sisters. Thank you, Fiona, very much for your extremely generous donation to me and my family, and other Afghan families. We are truly so grateful for all you have done for us.
God bless you and Canada


Canadian Connections helped us with proper clothes, suitcases, shoes and winter boots. They helped me in a very bad time, especially when my 18-days-old daughter was sick and we had no knowledge how to use the public health service and find a hospital.
It was Mona Elshayal, an honorable member of Canadian Connections, that took my wife and daughter to the hospital even though she was in her office doing her regular job from morning till evening. She took my daughter and wife to hospital with no excuse, but with happiness. Members of Canadian Connections taught us kindness, helping, sharing and passing it onto others. Nothing stopped the Canadian Connection team from helping newcomers.


Good evening! I would like to thank all Canadian Connections for your help and support in our resettlement. Canadian Connections are humanitarian volunteer people who helped me and hundreds of Afghan newcomer families’ at the most difficult days. They help and support us in many ways, such as opening a bank account, applying OHIP cards, finding a new home (apartment), furniture and house appliances, applying CCB, children school registration, toys and clothing. I will remain thankful for everything that you and your colleagues did for me and my family forever. Thanks a lot and god bless you all.