Empowering Refugees

Overcoming Challenges and Building a Better Future in Canada

Most refugees come to Canada with few, if any, financial resources, often have to learn a new language, and adapt to a new culture. Despite these challenges, statistics show they do not simply benefit from the safety Canada gives them, refugees embrace the opportunity Canada provides to build a better life and become important contributors to the country’s economy and cultural diversity.


Supporting Refugee Families

Canadian Connections has a waiting list of 150+ newly arrived refugee families (700+ men, women, and children) in need of a supportive hand up so that they can start  contributing to Canada. Here are just a few ways:

Health Care

1 out of every 4 health care sector workers is a newcomer. Newcomers will help fill a projected 500,000 jobs created by retirement.


Newcomers account for 33% of all business owners with paid staff, creating important local jobs such as in construction, professional services, health care and retail trade.

Science & Technology

Newcomers represent 24% of the national workforce but account for 39% of computer programmers, 41% of engineers and more than 50% of all chemists.


Newcomers give back. On average, they donate more to charity than Canadian-born citizens, and 40% aged 15 and over volunteer their time.

All statistics are from the Statistics Canada 2016 Census

UNHCR Report on Canadian Refugee Experience

How We Help

Our services target refugees who have just arrived in Canada, sometimes within days, and are tailored to each family we support. We establish a relationship built on mutual trust and then determine urgent needs. We offer items not provided by government settlement agencies, and encourage self-sufficiency so that newcomers know where and how to find answers for themselves.

Upon Arrival

Upon Arrival

Many refugees have fled their homes leaving everything behind. Upon arrival, we work with families living in airport hotels to fill their most immediate and urgent needs. This could be anything from a pair of shoes and a winter coat, to assistance with a medical appointment.

Poor communication by government agencies, leads to confusion and added stress for newcomers not knowing next steps. We offer vital support and friendship. We explain the process and outline what to expect next.

2-3 Months Later

2-3 Months Later

Government settlement agencies are tasked with completing documentation and applying for things such as Social Insurance Numbers, Canadian Child Benefits, Health Cards etc. This doesn’t always happen. They also don’t help find permanent housing.

We work with newcomers to ensure they have all required documentation and apply for benefits they are entitled to. We help source new and donated household items, and if necessary, rent moving trucks.